Hello! My name is Inger – that rhymes with your English word “finger” – Lisa Eriksson.

I am 9 years old, and I´m from Sweden, from a village called Sevedstorp.

Torp means a small homestead, and seved means lots of water, and that´s just what Sevedstorp is. A very small village near a river. The river is called Stångån. That means “rod river”, and it´s called that way because it´s so long and straight.

There´s only three farms in Sevedstorp: Sörgården, Norrgården and Mellangården. That means South Farm, North Farm and Middle Farm.


Mellangården is where my family and I live. There´s mor and far – that´s mum and dad – and me. Mormor – my grandmother – also lives with us.

In Norrgården lives my friend Maja with her family. All of us children here in Sevedstorp are friends, but Maja and I are the very best friends in the whole world. We are like sisters, only sisters sometimes quarrel and we don´t. Maja is 9 years old, like me. She has a brother, Ole, and a younger sister named Kerstin. Ole is 7 and Kerstin is almost 6.

In Sörgården, there are two boys and a girl. Lasse is 10 and Bosse is 8. Their sister Kajsa is almost 7.

Every farm also has a farmhand and a house maid to help with the work.

There is a lot to do. We have cattle, and our dads take the milk to the dairy every morning on the horse cart. We also have sheep and pigs, and chickens.

We grow grain and turnips on the fields and fruits and vegetables in the gardens close to our houses.  In the winter, our dads build furniture and our moms weave rag rugs for people who can´t make their own.


All of us Sevedstorp children go to school in Pelarne, that´s 2 1/2 miles from here. Well, almost all of us. Kajsa and Kerstin are still too young but they will start school next year and then they will go to Pelarne as well.

We walk to school together in the mornings, and back when school has ended. I´m in third grade now, but our school is small, so we all sit in the same class room. Our teacher, Miss Lundgren, takes turns teaching our groups, and the ones that are not being taught get something to do quietly, like math problems or reading. I like reading best.


This is our school.

And this is our classroom.



The pictures have been taken not too long ago.


See you next time.