A bandbox was the 1860’s version of a suitcase. Inspired by Addy´s, I made one for my Victorian girl, Charlotte.

The other part of the inspiration came from the fact that I had recently used up some wool and had a cardboard tube of approx. 7.5 cm diameter and 8cm height left over that the wool had been wrapped around, which begged to be made into something.

First, I cut the tube in two – one 6cm and one 2cm part.

(If you do not have a cardboard tube the right size, just cut two circles of 7.5cm diameter from cardboard and make the tube from two strips 6cm and 2cm high and 25cm wide, adjust the fit and glue)

To make the top fit onto the box, I cut the 2cm ring open in one spot and inserted a small piece of cardboard to increase the circumference. Just fit and adjust where necessary. I secured it with a strip of tape.

I then printed out a victorian newspaper article found via google image search on slightly off-white paper and got some gift-wrapping paper in a fitting, Victorian-style pattern.

I traced both the bottom and the top circles on sturdy cardboard, on the wrapping paper (for the top – the bottom can be any paper you like) and on the newspaper printout and cut them out.

In addition, I cut out two stripes of a little more than 6cm (2cm) height and 25cm width (=a little more than the circumference) for each tube: one from wrapping paper  and one from the lining.

I first covered the outside of the box part with the wrapping paper, piercing two holes on opposite sides to affix a ribbon to carry the box with by brads. This way, the interior parts of the brads will be covered by the lining.

This is the only spot where the order in which you cover the box with outside paper and lining matters.

I then glued the bottom and top onto the tubes and added the top/bottom paper and lining on both. I put these in last to cover any pieces that might have been sticking out. Finally, everything was covered with mod podge.

Items needed:

– Cardboard (if you do not have a cardboard tube the right size, use something to trace the top and bottom and make it yourself).

– Paper for lining (Victorian newspaper article, gift wrapping paper… whatever takes your fancy).

– Paper for outside (gift wrapping paper… again, whatever you like).

– 2 round brads

– ribbon at least 0.7 cm wide and 25cm long.

– glue

– mod podge

Addy´s bandbox is made of thin wood. If you don´t have a cardboard tube that needs to be made into something, there are plenty of similar-sized boxes, both raw and decorated, of cardboard and wood, available in hobby stores, either for crafting or as little trinkets, gift or jewelry boxes that can be turned into bandboxes for any character that needs one.