For my Victorian girl, Charlotte, I wanted a bonnet that was a bit more “substantial” than Kirsten´s pioneer sunbonnets – more like this:


I found a human-size tutorial that could be adapted here.

It´s not exactly like the one in the picture, but close enough to work.

I won´t go into detailed instructions how to make this, just give the information needed to make an AG bonnet following the original tutorial.

The head crown measurement for an AG doll (with wig) is 26 cm – 10″. Draw a base line of this measurement, mark the middle.

For the two lines going out at 45° angles from the base line, the measurements given (1.5″ – 2″) will work. These lines will be the sides of the bonnet.

The brim measurement for an AG doll is 13 cm (5″) – depending on how deep you want your bonnet to be. Draw a line of that length at 90° angle from the center of your base line.

pattern 5

Then draw a curve from the side lines to the top of the brim line. You can vary the shape of your bonnet by varying the shape of this curve.

Now you have the basic pattern piece for the brim.

Trace this pattern piece onto thin cardboard and cut out. To make your bonnet weather proof, cover the cardboard piece with duct tape.

Next, trace the pattern piece onto your outer fabric and lining and cut out with some seam allowance.

Place fabrics right sides together and sew along the curve of the brim (which will be the front). Cut away any excess fabric as close to the seam as possible and turn.

Slip cardboard piece inside. Make sure it sits neatly. The fabric on both sides needs to be flat and the front edge of the brim to look neat.

Fold up the fabric at the sides, so that the edge of the outer fabric neatly covers the lining and sew up sides.

Use your original brim pattern piece to draw up a pattern for the horseshoe-shaped crown piece.

Mine is 11cm (4.5″) wide at the bottom and 10cm (4″) at its heighest point. Trace onto outer fabric and cut a piece larger than that (because the crown piece will be gathered at the edges).

Gather and sew to the brim.

gather & sew

Test-fit and measure the width at the bottom of the crown when the bonnet is shaped the way you want it to be. For me, it was 7cm (just under 3″).

For the curtain (the ruffle at the back of the neck) I cut a piece of outer fabric 8cm high x 14 cm wide. Fold in half heightwise and sew up the sides. Turn.

Gather the curtain (now 4 cm high x 14 cm wide) to a width of 7cm. Sew to lower edge of crown.

Now you´re ready to add ribbon ties, ribbons, trim and other fancy decorations.

If anything is unclear, please refer to the original tutorial (which is where the credit belongs).

And here´s the result. Not too bad for a first try!