MIB Goetz girl

This girl is a Goetz doll with the mold identifyable by the mark 120/16 on the back of the neck.

This mold is known as the “Stolle” mold (Stolle dolls were created by Goetz for Costco in 2004), and it was also used for the “Dress Me” doll series by Martha Pullen in 2000. Both doll lines created for the American market share the regular tan/light skin-colored American Girls body.

This particular girl has a white cloth body.

The doll has rooted hair which is protected by a hairnet.

The black and silver dress is one piece that closes with velcro (no tag, but the Goetz logo is embroidered on the skirt), and the doll has a matching hair ribbon. Black fishnet tights, white underpants, and black shoes with little white bows.

No hint as to what year this doll was made, but the dress and hairstyle – as well as the white body – suggest the 1990s, if not the late 1980s.

The box is huge – wider than an AG box. The side reads “les poupées câlines” – “Cuddly” or “Loveable dolls” and “Création Franz Goetz” (Marianne and Franz Goetz were the founders of Goetz company in 1950).