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Historical Characters

Meet Outfit and accessories: hat or jacket, necklace/other piece of jewellery, purse, handkerchief, coin,other indispensable accessories for the time or place.

School Outfit (alternative day outfit, a little better than casual)

  • School Supplies: school bag or other item to carry supplies in; writing Utensils w/container, school book (reading primer), composition book/writing pad/slate, report.
  • School Desk
  • Lunch box or container, napkin, lunch.
  • School sports outfit (if appropriate for time/place).

–  Special Occasion/Party or Holiday Outfit (for cooler seasons)

  • Holiday Accessories or Decorations
  • Doll
  • Holiday Treats with dishes
  • Musical instrument or appliance

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Food mentioned in “On the Banks of Plum Creek”

Growing wild:

wild_plums wildplums2

– plums, eaten fresh and dried in the sun to preserve some for winter.

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 Food mentioned in “Little House on the Prairie”

growing wild on the Prairie

– wild blackberries (see part 1)



As in book 1,Pa goes hunting: Rabbit, Prairie Chicken, Ducks, Geese, Deer

The family also has some salt pork (see part 1) that they brought or bought in the store.

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Here are the foods mentioned by Laura Ingalls Wilder in the first volume of the Little House series.

Nuts and Berries growing wild in the Big Woods

pokeberries    a_blackberries

Pokeberries and Blackberries

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