Historical Characters

Meet Outfit and accessories: hat or jacket, necklace/other piece of jewellery, purse, handkerchief, coin,other indispensable accessories for the time or place.

School Outfit (alternative day outfit, a little better than casual)

  • School Supplies: school bag or other item to carry supplies in; writing Utensils w/container, school book (reading primer), composition book/writing pad/slate, report.
  • School Desk
  • Lunch box or container, napkin, lunch.
  • School sports outfit (if appropriate for time/place).

–  Special Occasion/Party or Holiday Outfit (for cooler seasons)

  • Holiday Accessories or Decorations
  • Doll
  • Holiday Treats with dishes
  • Musical instrument or appliance

Special Occasion/Party or Holiday Outfit (for warmer seasons) / Birthday Dress

  • Table and chairs
  • Dishes
  • Party treats
  • Birthday presents – optional
  • Craft item
  • Pet

Summer dress (casual, but often with hat)

  • summer toys and activities: nature and outdoors-related
  • Patriotic/4th of July dress (optional)
  • whistle

Winter coat or outfit

  • Winter hat, handwarmers (muff, mittens)
  • Underwear
  • Valise/Suitcase
  • Winter toys and activities: for indoors and outdoors activities.
  • Optical toy
  • Paper Doll

– Trunk

  • Nightgown or PJs
  • Bathrobe
  • Bed with bedding
  • Nightstand or Dressing Table
  • Nighttime necessities: washing utensils, light, book, (optional: heat source)
  • Additional items (optional): e.g. Molly´s Eardrops, Tissues, Alarm Clock, curl kit, Kit: telephone


  • Alternative Summer Daywear (work and play)
  • Alternative Winter Daywear
  • Alternative Holiday/Winter Special Occasion Dress
  • Alternative Winter Coat
  • Alternative Birthday/Summer Special Occasion Dress
  • “Special Sports Outfit”: Tennis Outfit (Molly), Samantha: Lawn Party outfit w/croquet mallet, Bicycling Outfit, Kit´s reds fan outfit, Julie: hoops outfit, 2-in-1 summer outfit, skating outfits
  • Bathing Costume & Accessories (Beach Umbrella, Beach Chair)
  • Travel Outfit
  • Story-specific outfit and accessories (Samantha: Bridesmaid outfit, Wedding Cake w/bridesmaid accessories; Kirsten: Swedish dirndl; Kit: typewriter set; photography and reporter sets; overalls and hobo camp supplies; Halloween costume, raincoat, aviator outfit, Miss Victory costume, Dude ranch outfit; Felicity: riding habit, riding breeches; Marie-Grace and Cecile: Fancy Dress/Masquerade things)
  • Large Item(s):Each character has some large pieces of furniture and props, in addition to bed, table/chairs and trunk.

Best Friend Characters:

Meet outfit and accessories

  • Special Occasion outfit
  • Holiday Gown
  • Play/Day wear
  • Winter outfit
  • Bed with bedding
  • Night gown or PJs
  • Pet
  • Large item (carriage, clothes press, sleigh)

– realistically, most historical girls would have owned 2-3 dresses, with the best one being worn on special occasions only.  The upper middle class children (Felicity, Cecile, Samantha) would have had more, but not too many either (maybe around 4-5). They would not have had more than 1-2 pairs of shoes.

Girls of the Year

Most characters have:

– Meet Outfit and accessories (bag, membership cards, )

– pajamas or nightgown

at least one:

– “casual” sports outfit (bikini, swimsuit, practice outfit)

– “serious” sports outfit (wetsuit, performance outfit, Luau set, McKenna´s team gear) sometimes combined with the casual as 2-in-1 set.


– special occasion outfit (party or performance)

– casual summer outfit

– casual winter outfit

at least one large item, often more:

– large item/sports accessory (scooter, boogie board, spotlight stage, kayak, ski gear, ice rink, paddleboard set, beam and bar, hot air balloon, horse, dance barre)

– large item/furniture (Jess´ tree swing, Mia´s bedroom, Lanie´s camper, Lanie´s hammock,McKenna´s loft bed, Chrissa party table, craft studio, Kanani´s lounge chair, shaved ice stand, Saige´s easel, Isabelle´s studio)

at least one:

– minor sports/hobby accessories

– other accessories set

– pet

– book

– technological gadget: laptop (Lindsey, Lanie) , camera (Kailey, Jess, Kanani) cell phone (Marisol,), music player (Mia).


– plushie

– food and drink