From Eaton´s Christmas Catalogue:

Eaton'sChristmas_1973_P173 Eaton'sChristmas_1973_P184

Eaton'sChristmas_1973_P121 Eaton'sChristmas_1973_P122

Eaton'sChristmas_1973_P123 Eaton'sChristmas_1973_P172

Eaton'sChristmas_1973_P183  Eaton'sChristmas_1973_P185

The colors are a bit more subdued compared to the previous year.  1973 pretty much marks a transition from the bright, all-you-need-is-love party mood of the late 1960s to the hangover after the party: recession, oil crisis, gas shortage, high prices for meat and coffee, government corruption (Watergate), pollution and changes in society (women´s lib, black power) all left their mark.