A very quick shot of Emily as she arrives.
I chose the 2013 edition as her outfit pieces were the most versatile and was happy to find her on sale.

She comes with a DVD with styling tips, a seal on her wrist (that I cut off) and a numbered certificate.
She is tied into her box by several twist ties that are easy to take out.

And here she is, straight out of the box, next to Becky.

Emily next to Marie-Grace (who´s in the process of getting rewigged and restyled).
As you can see, she´s a bit taller and slimmer than an American Girl, the legs and torso are slightly longer.

Emily is strung and has ball-and-socket joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. This is how far I could get her legs and elbow to bend and hold the position.

The stringing allows for more poseability than that, but I´ll have to work out how to best pose her for photos yet.

A close-up of the feet to show how nicely they are sculpted. The sole arches naturally.
She can wear American Girl sandals; closed shoes are tight (I tried the boots from the Meet outfit), some will work.


And a close-up of the hands.

The jeans she came in, with a mock front closure and pockets.

The yoke is just embroidered on, but the back pockets are working. The back side has an elastic waist.

The shoes are slippers with a thick plastic sole made to look like wood, faux leather insole and lined top; held on by a clear elastic.

The top closes in the back with velcro. I´m not fond of the prominent label and the attached collar. I might remove both and use the top for my 1960s girl. Emily has matching ties in her two front braids.
The rest of her hair is held back in a ponytail by a clear rubber band. Taken down, it´s slightly below shoulder length.

The white knit cardigan is cute, though it has no closure whatsoever. It was sewn to the top when Emily arrived.