I recently got a Magic Attic Rose that was cheap because one finger was missing.


0.Wash the doll and remove any surface oils or residue. (That nail polish is stubborn and will be dealt with separately).

1. First, I cut a piece of wire approx. 3 times as long as one of Rose´s fingers and bent it into a U-shape that was roughly the width and bent of the missing finger.

I inserted it into the hole in her hand.

– If using air-drying putty (epoxy or milliput), put some into the hole before you insert the wire and let it dry before you go on for additional stability.



2. Next, I mixed some polymer clay that was approximately the tone of Rose´s skin. (I had bad lighting so the color came out too dark.) I formed a sausage and pierced a hole in it on one end to insert the wire. Eyeballing Rose´s other fingers, I then shaped the clay into a forefinger with the aid of a toothpick. Mind the grooves at the joints and make sure to have an even surface without any holes.

– If you are working with air-drying epoxy, just let it dry and harden; then go to step 5.

I was working with oven-hardening polymer clay, so the finger needed baking. Vinyl does withstand high temperatures; I´ve hardened Fimo pieces sculpted on a MyLittlePony in the oven before without damage to the pony. So if you can get the arm off, this may be an option you want to consider (at your own risk). I did not get the arm off and did not want to risk the entire doll in the oven.

3. I let the polymer clay harden overnight and pulled the finger and wire carefully off the hand, making sure not to mess up the shape. Then I could bake it like any other Fimo item. Obviously, the wire is very hot when it comes out of the oven, so make sure not to touch it and let it cool well.

4. Once the finger had cooled off, I put it back onto the hand and attached it with plastic cement. If you managed to get the skin tone right, your work is done.


5. If your finger does not have the right skin tone yet, mix the color you need up in acrylic paints and paint over. Done!