I was inspired to this project by JenWrenne´s French Fashion Doll series and pictures I saw of a UFDC workshop project.

cat-1066_064_0  papeterieopen


  • Cardboard (a ruler, pencil, glue and something to cut – i.e. scissors or a craft knife)
  • Outer material – fabric, scrapbooking paper, duct tape etc.
  • Inner material – scrapbooking or gift wrapping paper of your choice
  • Mod Podge


The measurements for an antique doll papeterie I saw in a Theriault´s auction were given with 10cm by 7cm, so this was my starting point.

On a piece of cardboard, I drew a 10cm (W) by 7cm (H) rectangle for the back.

The bottom is 10cm (W) by 4.5 cm (D). I cut an additional piece a little larger than the bottom (11 by 5.5cm) to make the foot. This is optional.

The top is 10cm (W) by 1.5 cm (D). (If you want to make it hinged, like in the picture above, make it a little larger.)

The sides start out as 4.5 cm (D) by 7cm (H) rectangles. Mark a point 1.5cm from the back edge on each top, and 1.5 cm from the bottom on the front edge and draw a line between them. You need to cut off this corner to get the sloped shape.

Add tabs to all pieces so you can put the box together.

spiel 007

For the front, draw a piece 10 cm (W) by 1.5 cm and add tabs on both sides, then add another 6.5 cm height (= length of the side slope)for the lid. The piece should be 10 cm (W) by 8 cm (H) in total, with tabs only on the lower 1.5cm.

Finally, I cut two dividers for the inside, both 10cm wide. One is 5.5cm and the other is 4cm in height. (The height of these is variable.)

Once I had the pieces cut out, I used them as templates for the inner material. Make sure the inner pieces have neat edges.

The dividers got covered with inner material and a coat of mod podge, then set aside to dry.

Next, I put together the back/sides, front, top and bottom and covered the box with the outer material.

Then, the inner material pieces are glued inside so they cover any rough edges or corners of the outer material that show inside and coated with mod podge.

Finally, the dividers are added and glued in place.

Decorate the exterior.

diverses 021

To make the Contents:

  • stationery: take a regular sheet of paper (A4/letter size) and fold in half 3 times to get 8 1/3 scale sheets of “A4” stationery paper (ca. 20x30cm), or 4 times to get 16 1/3 scale sheets of “A5” (ca. 15x20cm) stationery. Cut along the folds. Cut a piece of ribbon or slip strap of paper and glue around the staple of paper.
  • envelopes: print out the template. Fold three corners in, and glue together at the edges. Fold the fourth corner over. Cut a piece of ribbon or slip strap of paper and glue around the staple of envelopes.
  •      dollsizeenvelopes
  • ink – I found this tiny bottle on ebay.
  • pen nibs – print out the template on colored paper, cut out (leaving tabs to glue the box together). Trace onto white paper. The white box will be the bottom of the box, the colored one will be the lid. For the actual nibs, I used the mine of an old ball point pen and cut it into pieces approx. 1 – 1.5cm long, making sure the cut is at an angle to create the tip of the nib.


  • pen – made after Jenwrenne´s tutorial.
  • pencil – a small skewer, cut to the right length, then covered in paper and/or painted.
  • sealing wax – good old Fimo.
  • seal – I “cheated” here because I had this vintage miniature seal around.
  • stamps – vintage stamps printed out at just the right size.
  • calling cards – found via Google Image search, printed out and glued onto cardboard.

diverses 023