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Monthly Archives: November 2015

diverses 018

The smaller fan was made using the template from Wren*Feathers “French Fashion Doll” series. The pieces of the larger fan were found online and printed out. The watch is actually a big button with a face from a catalogue and a bead glued to one side.

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diverses 044

Inspired by the papeterie project, I next set to work on a sewing basket.

There is a work basket for Bleuette in a vintage number of Semaine de Suzette (free on The Bleu Door), but it is an open basket, and since mine was going to contain a lot of little stuff, I wanted one that can be closed, at least partially. I found this version in an old Godeys Magazine from 1861 (courtesy of The Victorian Needle who made a life-sized version.)


diverses 037

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