diverses 018

The smaller fan was made using the template from Wren*Feathers “French Fashion Doll” series. The pieces of the larger fan were found online and printed out. The watch is actually a big button with a face from a catalogue and a bead glued to one side.

diverses 029

The photo album was made following Wren*Feathers tutorial.

diverses 027

Instead of the doll pictures from her PDF, however, I printed out photographs of some of my favourite Victorian and early Edwardian authors . Here´s Lewis Carroll and a young Astrid Lindgren.

diverses 030

Godey´s Lady´s Book and the paper doll were also printables from Wren*Feathers

diverses 031

From a slightly later period – the 1920s Delineator magazines are a printable by Ann Vanture´s PaperMinis.