The adventures of a bunch of 18" dolls


Hayley Susan McKendrick

born: April 18, 195o (age: 11)

 dez 010

Hayley is a bit of a tomboy with a mischievous, but caring, nature.

Hayley is very much an outdoors girl. She loves hiking, camping, swimming in the lake, and playing with her German shepherd, Andromeda.

Favourite musician(s): Ricky Nelson

Favourite tv-show:  Walt Disney Presents/Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color; American Bandstand; Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet; Lassie; Yogi Bear; The Flintstones. 

Doll: Hayley is a custom Rebecca doll with Kirsten´s eyes and a Bitty Baby Girl wig.

Notes/Trivia: Hayley is inspired by English actress, Hayley Mills and the double role she played in the 1961 movie, The Parent Trap – Susan Evers from Monterey, California and Sharon (Hedy in the German dub version) McKendrick from Boston.  Both girls are 13 (going on 14) and discover that they are twins,  separated when their parents divorced shortly after their birth, when they meet by chance at summer camp (near Bear Lake, CA) . The birthday I picked for my doll character is that of her actress´ namesake, except for the year – Hayley Mills was 14 when she made the movie.




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