The adventures of a bunch of 18" dolls


Name: Stephanie Herbst

Born: September 06, 1971 (age: 11, going on 12)

The only daughter of a German father and an English mother, Steph is living in Germany most of the time but also spends part of the year in England. She is fluently bilingual.

Steph is a nerd – a dreamer and a bookworm; her favourite genres being fantasy, science fiction, mystery and ghost stories, but she is also fond of Young Adult romance novels. She loves playing Dungeons & Dragons.

She is intelligent but naive at heart  – while she perfectly knows that things are not always like they are in books and movies, deep in her heart she is convinced that they can be. She believes in ghosts, fairies and other mythical beings; in magic and wishing wells, even though she is aware that not all sightings are the real thing – the real thing is somewhere out there.

She writes her own stories into school notebooks that she lovingly decorates to look like “real” books. Among the stories that she made up is one in which the heroine gets a magic pencil which makes everything come true that you write down with it; one in which the characters are reduced to a size of 4″ and have to fend for themselves in a house infestered with weird spirits and one in which the characters are explorers that find a lost kingdom inside an active volcano.

She also draws her own comic book about Egg, a humpty-dumpty like character, and his friends.


Steph is usually a quiet girl, but can be lively around friends and family. She does not find it easy to make new friends, but cares deeply for those friends that she does make.

She is well-meaning, but can be thoughtless and tactless. It is well possible that she is on the Autistic spectrum, but she has not been diagnosed as such (Asperger´s will not be a standard diagnosis until 1991).

She can be clumsy and is not good at sports. Currently, her left hand is broken and in a bandage. She´s lucky she´s right-handed.

Hobbies: Writing (she writes stories and has several pen friends), drawing (draws her own comic book,  reading.

Favourite music: “Flash” – Queen, “Mr Roboto” – Styx, “Words” – F.R. David, “For Your Eyes Only” – Sheena Easton, “Living on Video” – Trans X, “You Can´t Hurry Love” – Phil Collins, “What A Feeling” – Irene Cara, “Juliet” – Robin Gibb, NDW

Favourite movies: Star Wars (1977), The Empire Strikes Back (1980),  Flash Gordon (1980), Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), The Secret of NIMH (1982), E.T. (1982), Pumuckl (1982), The Fox and the Hound (1981), Watership Down (1980), Lord of the Rings (1978), The Last Unicorn (1982).

Favourite tv-show:  Battlestar Galactica; Bilder, die die Welt bewegten; The King and I; Sans Famille (Heimatlos); Nils Holgersson; The Bad News Bears; Doctor Who (Fifth Doctor).

Favourite toy:  Rubik´s Cube, Nintendo Game & Watch: Chef, Masters of the Universe, Star Wars action figures, Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears.

Favourite games: Dungeons and Dragons, Game of Life, Sagaland, Hase & Igel (Hare and Tortoise), Bermuda Dreieck (Bermuda Triangle), Der weiße Hai (Jaws), Yeti (Bigfoot).

Favourite book:  TKKG, Funk-Fuechse, 3 ???, Mark Brandis, Nils Holgersson, Watership Down, The Last Unicorn, Chronicles of Prydain, The Dark Is Rising, Elidor, The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, The Bagthorpe Saga, Paddington Bear.

Doll: Steph is a custom Samantha doll with AGOT #5/8/17 wig. Her left hand has been mauled by a dog, so she is currently constantly bandaged.


Being half German, half English, she is not really an “American” girl, but since she is an American Girl doll, let´s let it pass.

Her surname “Herbst” means “fall” in German. I like the season. No relation whatsoever to the German actor bearing that surname!



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