The adventures of a bunch of 18" dolls

More Victorian Accessories

diverses 018

The smaller fan was made using the template from Wren*Feathers “French Fashion Doll” series. The pieces of the larger fan were found online and printed out. The watch is actually a big button with a face from a catalogue and a bead glued to one side.

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Victorian Sewing Basket

diverses 044

Inspired by the papeterie project, I next set to work on a sewing basket.

There is a work basket for Bleuette in a vintage number of Semaine de Suzette (free on The Bleu Door), but it is an open basket, and since mine was going to contain a lot of little stuff, I wanted one that can be closed, at least partially. I found this version in an old Godeys Magazine from 1861 (courtesy of The Victorian Needle who made a life-sized version.)


diverses 037

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Hogwarts Textbooks – Year 1

Halloween is coming up and I´ve been looking into some Harry Potter inspired crafts…

The Harry Potter Wikia lists the following textbooks as required reading for Year 1 students at Hogwarts:

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Victorian Papeterie

I was inspired to this project by JenWrenne´s French Fashion Doll series and pictures I saw of a UFDC workshop project.

cat-1066_064_0  papeterieopen


  • Cardboard (a ruler, pencil, glue and something to cut – i.e. scissors or a craft knife)
  • Outer material – fabric, scrapbooking paper, duct tape etc.
  • Inner material – scrapbooking or gift wrapping paper of your choice
  • Mod Podge

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Postcards from all over the world!


Becky and I participated in the postcard exchange hosted by Lissie & Lilly. Becky is excited to show her best friend Cassie the cards she received from doll friends all over the world.

AGC Mini-Quiltalong – my blocks for May and June

juni 001


juni 002

Broken Dishes

juni 003

Arkansas Cross Roads

juni 004

Friendship Star

juni 005

All the blocks Becky and I made so far…

to do next: The Prairie Queen!

Becky´s new hobby

Ostern 004

Becky has a new hobby: Quilting! (Or, patchwork to be more exact). There is a quiltalong on the AGC board and she decided to join in.

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