The adventures of a bunch of 18" dolls

  • Charlotte, Victorian London

Introducing Charlotte

Charlotte takes a walk

  • Lettie, Victorian/Edwardian Era
  • Hayley, 1961 California
  • Inger, 19xx Sevedstorp, Sweden

Introducing Inger 

Inger – A nice fall day

  • Jody, 1973 California

Introducing Jody

  • Steph, 1983 Germany/England


Annika at the playground

Becky: Postcards from all over the world!

  • Irregular stories

featuring characters outside their actual time period, or older dolls/characters that have now changed.

Inger – Laterne, Laterne  (Inger attends a German St. Martin´s procession)

Christmas is getting closer (The gang of 2005 makes holiday preparations…)

Merry Christmas (The gang of 2005 celebrates Christmas)

New Years´ Eve (The gang of 2005 celebrates New Years´ Eve)

New Years´ Morning (Flea welcomes the new year)

Picking Blackberries   (Flea, who has now been recast as a Pioneer girl, picks blackberries)


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